Why you Shouldn’t Hire Extra Cleaning Staff Right Now

by | Nov 7, 2020

Staffing more cleaning personnel could have a negative effect on your finances, company morale, health and wellness, and the security of your current employees. Extra staff will not aid in the fight against COVID-19. Staffing more workers could also increase excess virus exposure and present potential internal conflicts. The answer to true disinfection lies in Select Shield Antimicrobial coating.

Coronavirus 2020 is claimed over 1,000,000 lives worldwide. According to IPAC (Infectious Prevention and Control Canada), 9,760 lives have been lost to COVID-19 in Canada alone.  When the virus made its initial appearance, borders closed, and residents went on lockdown to prevent the spread. Unfortunately, this solution was short-lived and impractical. Amid this deadly pandemic the majority of businesses, educational facilities, and other public organizations have been required to re-open their doors. For financial reasons business owners have opened their doors in a fight to keep their business afloat. Employees have been forced to return to work for wages to cover their living expenses and secure their positions. The threat of contracting numerous illnesses, including COVID-19, in the workplace is a real threat. Fear of this virus has left many companies wondering if adding more cleaning personnel to their staff would benefit their employee and client safety and health? This could not be further from the case.

Staffing more cleaning staff is not the answer to achieve a truly clean work environment. The only way to provide this is by investing in a long-term solution that will aid your current staff in their disinfection efforts.

Is Your Cleaning Company Really Doing Enough?

At first, the thought of hiring more cleaning personnel may seem like a logical decision, however, this could be far from the solution. It is a company that responds to provide a truly clean, illness-free environment to employees and consumers. Extra cleaning alone will not protect your clients or employees and will only add unnecessary risks. Dangerous pathogens, called microbes, exist all around us.  Some microbes are helpful, even necessary for our bodies, but others can make humans terribly ill. Public areas, including your business, are notorious for harboring dangerous pathogens. Common threats in public spaces run rampant on doors, door handles, floors, walls, and any other high touch surface. Examples of common threats include:

  • Bacteria- Including Staph, E. coli
  • Viruses- Including influenza, and the deadly virus of COVID-19.
  • Fungi- Including Mold

These bacteria, viruses, and fungi are detrimental to public health and safety and live on surfaces for long after they come into contact.

Common Cold Lives up to one week on surfaces
Influenza Lives up to 24 hours on surfaces
Smallpox Virus Lives 2-3 weeks on surfaces
COVID19 Up to three days on surfaces

There are a variety of factors involved in how long a virus can remain active on surfaces. These include the type of surface and temperature. Select Shield antimicrobial coating is safe on all surfaces including plastic, metal, cloth, and electronics.

Not providing a safe, truly disinfected environment, is a neglectful business practice. The public, your employees, and clients deserve a safe environment free from harm. Hiring more staff would only exposure current employees to unnecessary risk of illness if an outbreak took place and correct measures have not been taken to rid your establishment of any possible contaminated surfaces.

Cleaning staff generally are good at what they do, but they may not always have the proper training and knowledge to do a great job and deserve your help in achieving a truly clean environment. An antimicrobial coating would assist cleaning staff in providing this by mitigating dangerous viruses and bacteria on contact. The right antimicrobial coating can also have beneficial effects to overall surface integrity making it easier to keep clean.  Some antimicrobial coatings can also have a continuing kill effect of many pathogens for an average of 10 days, and in some environments for even longer.

Microbe Testing

Select Shield’s services are superior to traditional cleaning methods. Traditional cleaning efforts are an important part of any sanitation regimen, but without a professional spraying of a disinfectant and followed up with an antimicrobial coating, they are simply not enough. Select Shield goes above and beyond to provide this safe environment as we also conduct the latest technology for on-site cleaning verification testing. We perform our testing inside a place of business, usually within  twenty-four hours after the environment was supposedly cleaned. Select Shield has seen that even within this short amount of time, levels of dangerous microorganisms had already resurfaced throughout the environment. The issue in traditional cleaning lies in its short-lived success rate.

  Traditional Disinfection Select Shield Antimicrobial Coating
Longevity Only effective at protection until virus or bacteria comes into contact with surface. Protection from viruses, bacteria, and fungi for up to 30 days.
Cost/Application Must be conducted frequently. To truly protect each surface would require disinfectionafter an individual makes contact. Our antimicrobial coating is ideally applied every two weeksby an experienced technician .
Effectiveness Surfaces are poorly and ineffectively covered, only areas directly and thoroughly sanitized are disinfected. Our use of a 360-degree electrostatic sprayer ensures that high touch surfaces are completely covered by our antimicrobial film.

Select Shield antimicrobial coating is the best method to protect your employees, clients, and consumers. Your cleaning staff will be grateful for your dedication to helping them provide a clean, safe environment. Your staff and clients will also feel safe and proud knowing their environment is free from these dangerous pathogens.

Additional Reasons Not to Hire More Cleaning Staff

Aside from the fact that additional cleaning efforts are nigh without the application of an antimicrobial coating, there are numerous other reasons not to hire more staff, including causing unnecessary exposure to current staff.

1.     Financial Loss Due to Addition of Cleaning Staff

Recruitment is costly, time-consuming, and often times a total loss. The cost to hire a new employee is on average $4,129 per month, this is not including the benefits you will be required to provide. You could spend months searching for the perfect candidate, demand your best custodial worker’s time training the individual, only to have the individual shortly after being hired. Even if the newly hired staff does remain employed, often times, you are forced to pay an increased wage as the market becomes more competitive. Hiring additional cleaning staff is an unnecessary expenditure that will not benefit business sanitization.

2.     Employee/Company Morale

One overlooked reason for not hiring new staff, would be creating an unsettling work environment in response to the pandemic. The hiring of new staff would likely require you to put a new employee at a higher wage than the current employees are receiving. Current employees could suffer from lost hours, and ultimately decreased wages. Hiring more staff is unnecessary and could be a negative business decision by putting your employees at risk of illness, lost wages, and damaging company revenue.

The Solution, Select Shield Helps Cleaning Staff and Protects Company

Rather than hiring excess cleaning staff, investing in a long-term, collaborative solution is the best means of protection. Using Select Shield’s antimicrobial coating would make cleaning and disinfection more effective and offer longer and better protection. Select Shield is also able to traditional cleaning service when current staffing is stretched, and we are a leader in antimicrobial surface protection.

How We Perform Our Successful Procedure

Call us today to learn more about our advanced methods that will successfully protect your company. Our process is fast, effective, and ensures long-term protection.

  1. Call us or send us an email with information pertaining to your business. We will reply to your email within hours.
  2. Schedule an appointment outside of your business hours for a technician to come to your place of business. We can fly our equipment anywhere across the country to a location near you. A technician will be ready when you are to perform our services.
  3. A qualified technician will pre-test all high traffic, high touch areas to determine the state of cleanliness – this pre-test helps set a benchmark so when we test after spraying we can ensure there has been an overall improvement.
  4. Select Shield will then clean and disinfect the environment thoroughly.
  5. Next, using our unique electrostatic sprayer we apply our antimicrobial coating to specially selected high touch and high traffic surfaces. The sprayer creates an incredible 360-degree wrap around effect on surfaces.
  6. Our dedicated team will then return to perform a surface cleaning verification test after the procedure has been completed to ensure the job was done well and services were well received.

Do not be fooled by other companies that offer total room disinfection with the use of traditional cleaning, non-electrostatic sprayers, and fogging machines. These companies only provide overpriced cleaning that is no more effective than regular cleaning methods. Without the use of a cleaning verification surface test after their procedure, it is not as reliable as Select Shield’s services. Results of these companies are also short-lived and not an effective use of company time and money. As soon as dangerous pathogens come back into contact the surface is once again contaminated. Fogging machines have also been controversial in their dangers to the public because of the pesticidal steam that is emitted. The only safe, long-term, and financially wise decision is to invest in Select Shield’s antimicrobial coating.

Call us today to learn more about our services. Our representatives and technicians are standing by and ready to help.


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