Is a Single Time Store Disinfection Enough?

by | Oct 27, 2020

There is no miraculous, single time method of disinfection, that will successfully keep your store safe, clean, and protect your employees and patrons from dangerous pathogens. Most common methods are successful at disinfection, temporarily. However, there is better way protecting your store – combining disinfection services along with a follow up antimicrobial coating. That can protect surfaces for up to 7 to 10 days against germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Department stores, retail stores, and small businesses are notoriously ridden with many microbes that can make both consumers and employees ill. Influenza is a highly contagious viral disease, that kills tens of thousands every year.  This past year has reinforced to us the risks associated with a lack of proper handwashing, this threat spreads quickly through a packed department store. E. Coli, a repulsive bacterial hazard, is found on most shopping carts. In a study at the University of Arizona, 72% of shopping carts tested positive for fecal matter, more than found in public restrooms.

The hazards associated with poor sanitation did not become a priority until the world was stricken by the pandemic of COVID-19. Companies are taking advantage of public fear regarding this relentless virus. Some are even offering store disinfection services, falsely claiming to thoroughly disinfect your store by means of fogging machines, extensive cleaning, or less successful other means.

Disinfection in Stores

By October 2020 COVID-19 has claimed nearly 10,000 lives in Canada alone, and a million worldwide. This viral illness has also infected 180,000 Canadians, many who have been hospitalized. This deadly virus has the public in a frenzy of fear, almost afraid to leave their homes for anything less than necessary. It is not fair to those in a high-risk group, including the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions, for our stores to be anything less than sterilized and safe environments. It is vital to public health and safety to ensure we do this properly.

How to Properly Disinfect

Regular cleaning inside stores is an important part of protection against dangerous microbes. It is important to use products that are approved for effectiveness against COVID19.

  1. Be sure those cleaning the store are equipped with proper personal protective equipment, including, safety glasses, gloves, and masks. This will help prevent them from touching their faces with potential infectious germs.
  2. Identify all high touch areas in the store. These are the surfaces that are frequently touched by hands such as shopping carts, doors and handles, counters, and handrails. These surfaces are notorious for dangerous microbes.
  3. For employee frequented areas, make certain to disinfect staff lunchrooms, washrooms, conference rooms, tables, chairs, and electronic devices.
  4. Have a regular cleaning regimen in place, and documented, to ensure all areas are addressed.

Proper cleaning methods are important to perform regularly. But in order to be effective without another product, traditional cleaning would have to be performed constantly. It is nearly impossible to clean every surface a consumer touches, before another consumer comes along and touches, and infects it.

There are companies that offer professional full room disinfection services. Choosing the right company and services for your disinfection needs can seem like a difficult decision. But this is far from the case, there is only one method that offers a safer store environment. Select Shield’s disinfection services with our higher quality electrostatic sprayers followed up with the application of our antimicrobial coating to all high traffic areas and touchpoints. An antimicrobial coating leaves a lasting protective coating that continues to have a kill effect of dangerous germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact thus reducing or even preventing the spread of illness at the source.

Other methods of total room disinfection are ineffective and do not protect surfaces as thoroughly, or as long as the addition of an antimicrobial coating. Fogging machines have become popular inside stores. These are ineffective at coating all surfaces, only treating areas in direct line of sight. They also do not fully coat surfaces with sufficient product to have the required kill time (often up to 10 minutes). Worst of all, they only keep an area sanitized until it again touched.

The Problem with Most Professional Disinfection Services

There are several companies offering full room sanitization methods that are ineffective. Yes, when they initially perform the service of disinfection, the room or area is safe. But what happens when a contagious virus or bacteria comes into contact with a previously sanitized surface? The surfaces are once again contaminated. Within a few days, the level of dangerous microbes is back to running rampant. Why would anyone want to hire a company to disinfect their store, only for it to be unsafe and contaminated shortly afterward? Some of these unsuccessful methods include companies that use traditional nebulizer fogging machines, ultraviolet light, and traditional cleaning.

Method Duration of Protection Cost Other Issues
Fogging Machines All of these methods are only effective for the time it takes for germs to come back into contact with the surfaces. This is a costly ineffective method, as it only protects until germs come into contact with the surface. This service would not be practical as it would need to be performed constantly to protect consumers. There has been much speculation regarding consumer safety when using fogging machines. The fog that is produced has made individuals sick with nausea, vomiting, and severe headaches.
Ultraviolet Light The use of UV light has not been approved as proper method for sanitizing stores, and therefore, a financial waste. UV light is only able to protect what surfaces are in direct line of sight.
Traditional Cleaning This method is necessary even with the implementation of other methods. However, you would waste money on constant around the clock cleaning for protection, due to lack of longevity. In a high traffic store it would not be possible to keep all surfaces free from microbes consistently.

All of these methods fall short in successful store sanitization. None provide environments that are safe for consumers to frequent. When a room is inadequately sanitized by these services, it can create a false sense of security inside the store environment. This can cause customers to be careless and furthermore spread illness.

Why Choose Select Shield Antimicrobial Coating for Your Store Disinfection Needs?

Imagine a forcefield around your store, protecting patrons and employees from contracting and spreading illness. With Select Shield antimicrobial coating, this is exactly what we aim to achieve. Select Shield uses innovative methods to perform total store disinfection.

  1. We go the extra mile to ensure that all surfaces are safe. First, we will conduct surface testing to several high-traffic, high-touch areas throughout the store for microbes to ascertain the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of surfaces.
  2. A skilled Select Shield technician will use an electrostatic sprayer to apply a disinfectant thoroughly to all dangerous surfaces. Once dried we conduct cleaning verification surface testing again. If the test results are satisfactory we our final step is to apply our Health Canada registered antimicrobial coating, once again with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure a more thorough coverage.
  3. We will perform our services when no customers are present to avoid any lost revenue to your store. The entire process takes less than four hours on average. Surfaces are safe to use again shortly after.
  4. We will even perform a post-test to ensure that the job was done correctly, and surfaces are safe from dangerous germs.

Our thorough process is what makes Select Shield unique and has given us many satisfied customers. Delivering peace of mind to all that frequent the store. Other benefits of Select Shield antimicrobial product and services include:

  • Cost Savings – Due to the incredible length of protection, you will save money on cleaning services and products, as they will not need to be completed constantly.
  • Safe – Our coating is safe on all surfaces; soft, hard, and even electronics.
  • Protection – Our antimicrobial coating is effective against numerous pathogens for an average of 10 days. This service also protects against mold.
  • Electrostatic Sprayer – Our unique electrostatic sprayer delivers 360-degree protection to surfaces. Other sanitation services only coating what is in their direct line of force. Our electrostatic sprayer envelops surfaces completely, even above and below in hard to treat areas.
  • Availability – We can fly our equipment anywhere across the country and schedule a time that works for your business.

Any business that has a responsibility, and desire, to protect the public can benefit from our antimicrobial coating services. Our antimicrobial coating services have been used throughout the country and in various industries including hospitals, childcare facilities, schools, residential communities, and fitness facilities. You can even implement our superior protection inside your home, car, or office.

Consumers and employees deserve a safe store for all of their shopping needs. Contacting Select Shield and letting us work for you would make this dream a reality. The remarkable longevity of our product, and cost savings for your business, make this a wise investment. This would protect public health and safety, and in return protect your business reputation and success.

Contact a Select Shield representative today to learn more about our services.

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