What are the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office?

by | Nov 7, 2022

In any office, countless surfaces come into contact with germs and other contaminants. While some of these surfaces may be cleaned regularly, others may be overlooked. This blog post will look at the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office and how you can keep them clean. By taking some simple steps to reduce the amount of contamination on these surfaces, you can help keep your office clean and safe for everyone.
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Something like your desk may not seem like a significant health concern, but it’s important to remember that surfaces can become heavily contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Your desktop, keyboard, mouse, and phone are constantly touched by multiple people and rarely cleaned, making them hotbeds for germs. So it’s important to remember to regularly sanitize these surfaces, especially during cold and flu season. Daily cleaning can significantly reduce the spread of illnesses in the office. So break out the disinfectant wipes and start scrubbing those oft-forgotten surfaces for a healthier workspace.
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Door Handles

One of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in any office is door handles. Think about how many times a person touches a door handle a day, whether entering the office or using the restroom. It’s impossible to know where each person has been and what germs they may have picked up along the way, potentially spreading them to every door handle they touch. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of these surfaces are crucial in preventing the spread of illnesses among coworkers. In addition to door handles, other frequently touched surfaces, such as light switches and desks, should also be cleaned regularly. By taking steps to clean these heavily contaminated surfaces, we can create a healthier and more sanitary work environment for everyone.
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Elevator Buttons

Besides the obvious suspects, like doorknobs and desks, some heavily contaminated surfaces in an office can be found in unexpected places. Take elevator buttons, for example. With countless people using them daily, they can quickly become a hotbed for bacteria and germs. And unfortunately, many people don’t think to clean or sanitize them before use. Proper cleaning and sanitation of these buttons can go a long way in promoting a healthier work environment.
heavily contaminated light switch

Light Switches

Think about how often a light switch is touched throughout the day. Chances are, many other people in your office are doing the same, leaving behind germs and bacteria on the surface. A recent study found that light switches have as many germs as a trash can. So to keep yourself and your coworkers healthy, regularly clean commonly used surfaces like light switches with disinfectant wipes.
heavily contaminated printer

Shared Office Equipment

One of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in an office is shared pieces of equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and scanners. Multiple individuals use these items frequently throughout the day, with some cleaning in between uses. The buttons and touch screens on this equipment can easily be missed during cleaning, leading to a build-up of germs and bacteria. It’s essential to clean these shared items regularly, using disinfecting wipes or sprays on all surfaces to prevent the spreading of illness. Next time you use the office printer, don’t forget to wipe it down before returning it to its spot. Small steps like this can help keep everyone in the office healthy.
dirty break room

Break / Lunch Room

When it comes to heavily contaminated surfaces in an office, the break/lunch room often tops the list. As one of the most frequent gathering spaces, food is often reheated, prepared, and consumed in these areas. Add in the constant touch of coffee machine handles, and it’s easy for these surfaces to go weeks without proper cleaning. The refrigerator handle and shared tables can also be hot spots for germs, as multiple people may touch them throughout the day. And let’s not forget about sinks and counters – or even the water cooler – that often get little attention when cleaning. So next time you’re grabbing a snack or pouring yourself a drink in the office break room, clean those surfaces before use to minimize contamination.

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