7 Commercial Building Cleaning Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

by | Jan 12, 2023

If your business is searching for an efficient and effective way to keep a clean commercial building, it’s essential that you know what mistakes to avoid. Not prioritizing the cleaning process to focusing solely on aesthetics, there are a variety of pitfalls businesses face when attempting to organize their cleanup routine. To ensure that your company maintains a safe and inviting environment for customers and employees alike, read our ultimate guide detailing the seven most common commercial cleaning mistakes every business must avoid.

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1. Cleaning while customers and employees are still present

Something like your desk may not seem like a significant health concern, but it’s important to remember that surfaces can become heavily contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Your desktop, keyboard, mouse, and phone are constantly touched by multiple people and rarely cleaned, making them hotbeds for germs. So it’s important to remember to regularly sanitize these surfaces, especially during cold and flu season. Daily cleaning can significantly reduce the spread of illnesses in the office. So break out the disinfectant wipes and start scrubbing those oft-forgotten surfaces for a healthier workspace.
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2. Not cleaning the floors daily

Commercial spaces that receive little foot traffic may seem like they don’t need to be cleaned daily. However, appearances can be deceiving – just because a floor looks clean doesn’t mean it is! Even with low use levels, most floors have a thin layer of microscopic dust and dirt that, although invisible to the eye, can still prematurely dull and wear your carpet or floor finish. To avoid having to replace your carpets or finish more often than you should, ensure daily vacuuming and dusting of hard or tile floors are part of your chore list – you’ll save money in the long run by doing so.
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3. Ignoring Spills or Stains

Ignoring spills or stains can lead to long-term damage and tarnish your office image. Even though it may not seem like a huge deal to let a spill go unnoticed, those tiny droplets here and there add up over time. It’s easy to blend in spills with patterned carpets and rugs, but this can cause permanent damage to floors, upholstery, and more. Refraining from discarding a mess can also affect client relationships and make your building look less professional. Taking basic cleaning steps and attending to all spills as soon as possible or hiring office cleaners is the best way to keep your commercial building looking its best.

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4. Neglecting Hard-to-Reach Areas

One of the biggest mistakes we see is neglecting hard-to-reach areas, as these can be the most complex and time-consuming places to clean. Without proper attention and diligence, these areas can become a hotbed of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens that can quickly spread throughout the building. Hiring a professional cleaning company like Select Shield Cleaning is the best way to ensure that all areas of your office are adequately addressed, including hard-to-reach spots. With their expert knowledge and experience, you can be sure that every area is addressed and that your office remains a safe, healthy environment for you and your coworkers.
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5. Missing High-Touch Point Areas

Commercial building cleaners often miss one of the most critical areas—high-touchpoint areas such as handrails, doorknobs, keyboards, elevator buttons, and phones. Despite their frequent use, these surfaces are easily missed. This is problematic as these surfaces are magnets for germs and bacteria. To prevent the spread of illness in the office, Commercial Building Cleaners need to ensure not to overlook regularly disinfecting high touch points every time they clean a commercial building. It may seem obvious, but this is one of the biggest commercial cleaning mistakes.

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6. Proper use of cleaning products and disinfection

Proper Cleaning Products

Mistakes can often happen when properly using cleaning products and disinfectants. All-purpose cleaners are meant to be used for only some things, and using one type of cleaner only creates an excessive chemical buildup that won’t cut it when it comes to getting the job done. To ensure that your office space is properly clean and sanitized, it is crucial to select the correct cleaning product for each situation – whether it is a spill or a bathroom disinfectant – as not all products are created equal. Choosing the best cleaning product for each particular job will make all the difference in achieving spotless results.

Using Damaging or Harsh Products

Another common mistake is the use of damaging or harsh products when attempting to clean, as many believe harsher chemicals equal better efficiency. However, the reality is that money spent on highly caustic cleaners is wasted. Not only are they more expensive, but overexposure to certain harmful chemicals poses significant risks to health and the environment. Furthermore, this can lead to increased illness among staff, resulting in reduced productivity and lower output. For these reasons, it is always prudent to ensure proper cleaning products and disinfection are used safely for all occupants.

Lack of disinfection

Commercial buildings are constantly busy, from housing hundreds of workers to receiving customers. Cleanliness is vital for maintaining health and safety in these spaces, but many businesses often need to catch up on the crucial disinfecting stage. Though wiping down surfaces and cleaning up messes may be routine, this provides a different sanitary level than using proper cleaning products to disinfect. Therefore, commercial building owners should ensure that their sanitation staff uses the appropriate methods to eliminate the risks of spreading infection.

Commercial Building Cleaning Experts

7. Not Hiring Commercial Building Cleaning Experts

Commercial buildings, like offices, require routine and proper cleaning to ensure the health and safety of their employees. While it’s tempting to buy some do-it-yourself cleaning supplies and give them a go, not hiring a commercial building cleaning expert is one of the biggest mistakes an office can make. Commercial building cleaners at Select Shield Cleaning possess the professional skillset and expertise to properly clean and disinfect your office space. They use certified products that are carefully chosen based on their individual workspace needs. Invest in an experienced team for the best results and improved workplace efficiency! Request a quote today Cleaning Services Free Estimate for professional cleaning services from Select Shield Cleaning.

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