Does Using A PM 2.5 Filter in Your Face Mask Stop Viruses?

by | Dec 15, 2020

Did you know that a PM 2.5 filter in your face mask can block airborne particulate matter by up to 90% more efficiently?  This also includes protection from smoke and aerosols without giving you a hard time breathing.

Wearing a low-quality face mask with the addition of a PM 2.5 filter will not guarantee sure protection from viruses. It has to have other qualities with it to ensure that your health will not be put at risk especially if you get exposed to crowded places. Since the COVID-19 cases are reaching a flashpoint, it is a good idea to improve the kind of face mask you plan to be wearing next year.

It has been shown that the Select Shield copper face mask with PM 2.5 filters has more benefits when compared to cloth made ones making it the optimal choice of face-covering to wear every day. This specially designed face mask is the first of its kind to have copper infusion inside and out with a place to insert a PM 2.5 filter which comes complimentary with the purchase.

What Is A PM 2.5 Filter Insert?

The term particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) refers to tiny droplets or fine particles in the air that are 2.5 microns or less in width. Its diameter is about 3% of a human hair strand which means that they are so small that they can only be seen through a microscope.

Also, it is estimated that in an inch, there are about 25,000 microns present. They are so tiny that a thousand of them can fit on the period at the end of this sentence as a visualization. These fine particles are very harmful to your health once they penetrate deeply into your lungs and blood.

You may encounter particulate matter almost anywhere through dust storms, motor vehicles, or power plants to name a few. There are also common dangers indoors such as burning candles or lighting kerosene, cooking, or cigarette smoking that have been proven to damage your lungs.

The air level of this particle outside increases when the air is stagnant or when the winds blow in polluted air from a different area. When this happens, fog most likely occurs reducing the visibility level. This can cause several complications to unusually sensitive individuals when the air quality based on the Air Quality Index is moderate (51-100).

As a result, PM 2.5 filters were created to withstand the presence of pathogens. However, this alone cannot protect you from viruses. A virus is 0.004 to 0.1 microns in size which can penetrate through the filter.

Although the PM2.5 filter is not guaranteed to fully block COVID19 airborne particles it is another layer of defense and a profound upgrade that serves added purposes in protecting your body from potential health risks especially respiratory issues.

How Harmful Is It When You Inhale PM 2.5 Particles?

The fine particles can travel quickly inside the body which may cause respiratory symptoms. These may be short-term to long-term health issues which can be:

  • Eyes, nose, or throat irritation
  • Asthma
  • Heart attack
  • Bronchitis
  • Other respiratory issues

Since it can penetrate deeper into the body, inhaling these harmful particles can wreak havoc inside your lungs.

If an individual has pre-existing respiratory issues, the health status may get worse. In a mildly or heavily polluted environment in terms of air quality, an individual who wears an unsuitable face becomes prone to these health conditions. That is why each one must be particular in choosing the right face mask that serves a significant purpose, especially in a hazy area.

What can make things worse is the transmission of the coronavirus which is not only a threat to health but life as well. That is why, behind this concern and with many face mask products emerging in the market, the one that you can trust the most is the Select Shield Copper Mask.

The Benefits Of Using A PM 2.5 Filter In Your Face Mask

PM 2.5 filters increase the efficiency of a quality face mask. These disposable inserts filter small airborne particles through an electrostatic barrier that captures fine debris from the air that tends to pass through materials that have weak resistance.

This filter is made up of layers including “melt-blown” fabric, nonwoven polypropylene, and a middle layer of activated carbon making this filter have a superior filtration performance both electro-statically and mechanically.

The effectivity of the inclusion of a PM 2.5 filter in avoiding COVID-19 transmission increases if the worn face mask is well fitted and has no loose or exposed areas. As mentioned earlier, this works best with a copper face mask.

While a PM 2.5 filter works in filtering fine particles, the copper-infused in a face mask kills viruses and improves skin conditions. When these qualities are combined with one final product, it is a guarantee that there will be lesser chances for your health to be put at risk when you go out.

The Qualities Of An Effective Modern Day Face Mask

Numerous face masks are being sold and promoted that promise only a few things. They may be effective on one or two particular aspects, but most tend to overlook other significant features that could increase the safety of one’s health.

Some other parts of the world are starting to get back on their usual way of living. Even if the COVID-19 cases will hopefully get lower in the country, it still does not erase the possibility of contracting the virus. The threat of inhaling dangerous substances in the air as well should always be a concern to us.

Your face mask’s qualities should be inspected thoroughly to ensure that it serves its purpose.  If you want a mask that you can count on the Select Shield Copper Mask is your best bet.

it has the ability to destroy viruses or any kind of bacteria. It not only eliminates the possibility of virus transmission, but it also promotes healing and avoids the developing of skin issues on your face masks such as acne, rashes, or skin irritations because of coppers antimicrobial elements.

Another thing is that it’s made up of a double-layered fabric with a high thread count. This helps you from inhaling fine particles while still allowing you to breathe at the same time. You will appreciate the high-quality material used instead of the ones made only from cloth.

A unique feature that the Select Shield Copper Mask has is a pocket for the insertion of a PM 2.5 filter. The popularity of this filter has surged because many consumers felt it was important to make sure that the filter serves its purpose. Many cheap imitations of this type of mask are being sold each day and provide a false sense of assurance.

Select Shields Copper Masks is unsurpassed when it comes to durability and fit. Many people feel that a mask shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and for the price paid it should last for some time.  This mask is a rugged performer that will exceed your expectations.

The Copper Face Mask That Even Anti-Maskers Will Love.

You may not agree with the mask rule in your region, but one commonality is that everyone aims to remain healthy especially during this pandemic that’s why a lot of face mask users are becoming pickier when it comes to what face mask to wear or not wear at all. Select Shield is the originator of this unique face mask that has countless features that will have non-believers embracing this mask and shouting from the rooftops through the copper woven fabric!

It comes in a black stylish form suitable for everyday use. Below is a table showing its full benefits and features:

Adjustable And Non-Breakable Ear Loops 100% Pure Copper Infusion Double Layered
Copper Infused Fabric That Kills 99.99% Of Harmful Microbes Free PM 2.5 Filter Insert
Odorless Antimicrobial Inside & Out
Machine Washable Extra Protective Layer Fit For Workouts
Breathable &Lightweight Machine Washable
Good For Sensitive Skin Odorless
Silky, Luxurious Feel Adjustable To Any Size

Surely, using Copper Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter Insert will no longer make you worry every time you go outside. This can be used for work, visiting friends and families, and even suitable for workouts!

You can highly trust that this has been weaved with 100% real copper that quickly eliminates 99.99% of bacteria upon contact. It also comes with a free authentic PM 2.5 filter which can be inserted in the middle- the first and only double-layered copper face mask responsible for filtering pathogens from external environments!

Bacteria, viruses, and fine particles have a low chance of breaching the design of this mask.  No more second-guessing yourself if you leave your mask on a dirty surface or put it in your pocket or purse the copper mask automatically kills germs even when it’s not on your face.

You’re only a click away from ordering the last mask you will wear during this pandemic! Get one for you and your loved one.  As soon as we receive your order we will ship your mask right away.

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