Antibacterial Gloves In Canada, It’s Time To Upgrade To Copper Gloves

by | Dec 17, 2020

Antimicrobial gloves have been rare and costly during the course of the pandemic in Canada.  Buying a pair of Copper gloves may be a wiser investment and afterward, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Copper gloves have not been around for long, but they do predate the 2020 global pandemic.  Fabrics that are infused with antimicrobial agents have been gaining prominence in the medical field (i.e. health care worker scrubs & uniforms) and sports (i.e. shoes, gloves) for a few years.  But this past year gloves and masks infused with copper ion technology have been taking the market by storm.

When gyms and other fitness facilities re-opened in many jurisdictions in mid-2020, operators did their best to protect patrons with frequent wipe downs of equipment and touch screens.  But a risk still remained.  People who were previously not germaphobes became more aware and anxious about not only other’s germs but passing along their own.  And that extended to everyday life as well.

Who of us this year did not start wiping down our mobile phones regularly when we realized how habitually we touched them with our hands and held them to our faces?  Many people started wearing disposable gloves, but that was not always practical.  Such as when exercising in a public gym or if the gloves had to be worn for more than a short period of time.  And disposable gloves were not “touchscreen” friendly either.

The introduction of gloves made from antimicrobial infused fabrics (and facemasks, but more on that later) became of great interest given their biocidal properties.  The secret?  They not only inhibit the growth of many pathogens (i.e. germs, bacteria) they can also kill them.  But a minor headache remained – gloves still needed to be removed when one had to use their smartphone or other touchscreen devices, like a bank teller machine.

What Are Smart Gloves?

Let’s back up.  As touchscreens permeated our everyday life the past decade, the need for gloves that were compatible with touchscreens became critical.  Constructed with a material that allowed the wearer to continue interacting with smart devices – or any other touchscreen for that matter.  Without getting too technical it is not the level of pressure one applies to a touchscreen but the type of pressure, it involves the passing of an electrical charge from finger to device.  Hence a smart glove allows for that electrical current, if you will, to pass glove to device or touchscreen.

Smart Gloves Make Their Way to the Gym

As hands can become quite sweaty during an active workout (a key source of spreading germs and bacteria) wearing a glove became preferable, especially when using shared equipment.  And more and more treadmills, cycling bikes, elliptical machines, and more have become “smart machines” with touchscreen monitors that allow us to program a myriad of options. The fitness industry had to keep pace as users became more sophisticated in their preferences for the type of workout, music, or background scene – a more tailored experience if you will.  Hence workout gloves needed to keep pace with the technological advances.  Hence – touchscreen workout gloves, also made from an antimicrobial such as copper.

Five Benefits to Touchscreen Friendly Copper Gloves:

  1. Comfort – Nonsweaty hands. Cool breathable fabric so when your workouts heat up your hands don’t have to.
  2. Reuseable – Our gloves are 100% machine washable and maintain copper potency even after dozens of washes.
  3. Functionality – Improves your workout technique. Also suitable for everyday use to protect your hands from surface pathogens.
  4. Better Grip – No sliding hands or slippery fingers. Help reduce hand fatigue as well as making workouts safer and more effective.
  5. Interchangeable – Work with weights and screen equipment. One can multitask such as checking your phone while using equipment without having to remove gloves. Is a less intrusive and more efficient use of time for those doing a quick workout.  Just as usable in the gym as they can be in everyday life.  Workout gloves help prevent the spread of pathogens and reduce the chance of illness from those germs and viruses.
  6. Health Benefits – can range from helping with neuropathy and reducing the effects of pain associated with arthritis to reducing the chances of carpal tunnel or aggravating an existing condition. Due to the compressive nature of workout gloves if they also contain antimicrobial copper technology in the fabric, they can help with:
    • Stimulates blood flow allowing blood to circulate more freely and naturally
    • Promotes faster recovery from injuries
    • Assists the body with active healing
    • Provides pain relief as copper is a healing agent
    • Helps prevent tendonitis or recovery at a quicker rate
    • Helps prevent Sjogren’s syndrome or promotes recovery at a quicker rate
    • Kills germs, bacteria, and viruses
    • Covers full hand for extra protection from the environment

So What’s the Point Of Wearing Copper Infused Gloves?

Although the benefits of having a pair of full-fingered workout gloves that are touchscreen sound alluring you should consider pulling on a pair of these gloves for everyday use. The 2020 Global Pandemic has certainly made many of us re-think the objects we touch and use every day, and our behavior.  What other habits can we be adding to our routine and personal protective items to line pockets with?  We already have face masks and hand sanitizers occupying space – but many would agree that they can tuck in a pair of copper compression gloves as well.

Having something re-usable and easy to wash in the machine or by hand is more ideal, and at times, more hygienic than the throwaway gloves.  Having a second option in the glove department is a good idea.  Our copper-infused antimicrobial gloves are also significantly more durable and comfortable than your average disposable glove.

The studies are still limited on how copper directly kills the COVID-19 virus but according to an article in “copper-coated surfaces deal coronavirus particles a fatal blow — killing them within hours”. The reality is there are many other germs and bacteria that come in contact with our hands and faces, and the ability to reduce the transfer or transmission of those pathogens through a pair of well-tailored copper gloves is a step forward towards a healthier life providing an extra element of protection.

Finding the Right Size Touch Screen Workout Glove

Many people who do not wear workout gloves are either those who did know they were an option or have struggled to find something that is comfortable and easy to use. A pair of gloves that are constructed with just the right thickness, flexibility, size, and right material is not easy, yet essential.

In addition to finding the “right” fabric for your gloves is finding the pair the fits you best.  If the gloves are too large you will find yourself always adjusting them – and losing proper form in the process. If too small they run the risk of being too constrictive and uncomfortable causing you to remove them and defeating the purposes and benefits of wearing them in the first place.

Copper Glove Size Chart

Based on the size of your hand Minimum Maximum
Small 2.4” 2.9”
Medium 3.0” 3.4”
Large 3.5” 4.0”
Extra Large 4.0” 4.6”


We are our own best advocate when it comes to your health and well-being.  The name of the game is to be proactive.  What we put inside our bodies, such as lots of water and wholesome foods, can be just as important as what we wear on the outside of our bodies.  It is a synergistic relationship.   So if you’re thinking “Maybe I should buy a pair”. Please do!  We will ship out your gloves as soon as we receive your order!

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