Microbe Testing, What Disinfecting Really Means.

by | Oct 16, 2020

In order to protect your business reputation, customer, and employee safety it is vital that you have a clean business. Disinfection of high touch surfaces is not enough; this method of cleaning only lasts until an infected individual touch the surface. To provide a truly disinfected environment to consumers, you must invest in an antimicrobial coating with Select Shield.

The devastating pandemic of Covid-19 has consumers afraid to leave their homes, and rightfully so. On a global scale, this deadly virus has killed over one million people and infected over thirty-five million people in total. Although most are now forced to leave their homes for work, school, and doctors’ visits, visiting a department or retail store is not a priority for most individuals. Consumers struggle to trust that public shopping stores are providing a safe, virus-free environment, and it simply is not worth the risk associated. Your local big box store or local small shop has a sanitation protocol in place for Covid-19, but how can you be sure that they are adequate and will protect your customers?

Why contact SELECT SHIELD? What makes the addition of an antimicrobial coating the solution to properly disinfecting your place of business?

Microbes and Disinfection

Microbes are organisms that are invisible to the human eye. Microbes are present in water, soil, air, and inside living organisms (microorganisms). Some microbes are good and even benefit the host. Others, however, are harmful and make us sick. The most common types of microbes include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.


Bacteria are one-cell organisms, many of which can cause infection. Common bacteria include E.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and herpes. Large stores are notoriously lurking with an abundance of dangerous bacteria. Shopping carts, check out counters, cosmetic counters, restrooms, and all high traffic and high touch surfaces are harboring bacteria that can harm consumers. Simply providing customers with a disinfectant is not enough. Studies show that ninety-seven percent of people do not wash their hands properly, even before meals.

Survival Timeline

Active up to 24 hours on surfaces

Common Cold
Active up to one week on surfaces

Herpes Simplex Virus
Active anywhere from 1 to 72 hours

Smallpox Virus
Can live for 2-3 weeks on surfaces

SARs and Coronavirus
This deadly virus can survive up to 3 days on surfaces.

*How long the virus lives on a surface depends on a variety of factors including the temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, and type of surface. Plastic, metal, and other hard surfaces harbor the virus for the longest duration of time.

Only vaccines and antiviral medication can prevent or treat the symptoms associated with a virus. Antibiotics do not treat viruses. Common viruses include influenza, smallpox, the common cold, and the AID virus. The most notable current viral threat is the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. This highly contagious virus is airborne and contaminates people and surfaces through respiratory droplets when the carrier coughs, sneezes, or talks. This virus is a respiratory illness that causes cough, fever, headache, and in severe cases blood clots, heart complications or death. Protecting your retail store against the threat of viruses, including COVID19, is detrimental to the customer, employee, and business safety.


Fungal spores are all around us on surfaces and in the air. The most recognizable fungal infections are ringworm and athlete’s foot. Many areas in a retail store put customers at risk for contracting a fungal infection. Athletes foot is very contagious and can be contracted anywhere that customers remove their shoes (i.e. change room, shoe department) People at greatest risk of contracting a fungal infection are those with compromised immune systems. Ringworm is the same fungi as an athlete’s foot, but on the body, this can be contracted through trying on clothing the infected has worn.

Providing customers with a safe, properly sanitized shopping experience is not only important to health and safety but also a business reputation. A poor reputation in the business world will result in poor business relations and a drop in revenue. If business reputation and sales are damaged beyond repair your business could even experience bankruptcy.

How Do You Properly Disinfect?

Providing disinfection opportunities to customers and regular store cleaning is not enough. Many customers undermine the threat of viruses and bacteria, failing to use the products. Even regular methods of cleaning fall short when the surface is quickly recontaminated in high touch, high traffic areas. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses still remain a prevalent threat inside retail stores. So how do you properly disinfect and provide a safe shopping experience for guest? To disinfect properly and thoroughly, you must invest in a service and product that not only kills or neutralizes but prevents them from living and spreading on surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting only kill pathogens that are already on the surface. SELECT SHIELD antimicrobial coating kills pathogens, including mould, and prevents them from growing or being transferred to other surfaces. They even prevent the recurrence of virus and bacteria pathogens for between 10-15 days. Regular cleaning is of course still of importance, but the peace of mind knowing that your store is safe and truly disinfected is incredible.

Why Choose Select Shield Antimicrobial Coating?

Our process for the application of SELECT SHIELD antimicrobial coating is the most thorough and remarkable in the industry. We are the only company that follows this unique and intricate process that ensures successful, long-lasting results.

  1. We conduct surface testing prior to disinfection and application. SELECT SHIELD goes into your business, identifies all high traffic and high touch areas, and tests all for a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses.
  2. A SELECT SHIELD technician will then disinfect all surfaces using an electrostatic sprayer to ensure a more thorough coverage, even underneath and behind some surfaces.
  3. Afterward, our technicians perform a follow-up test to ensure that all areas have been properly sanitized.
  4. Next, we apply the antimicrobial surface protection, again using anelectrostatic sprayer that covers surfaces with a super fine mist.
  5. If any issues arise after our work is complete, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to correct the issues.

This process showcases our meticulous work ethic and demonstrates our attention to detail. We also make certain that all of this procedure is done efficiently, outside of the times that customers are present, and in less than four hours on most occasions. This process is what sets SELECT SHIELD best in class service above the rest of the competition. Our equipment is mobile and can be flown anywhere swiftly via air travel from our bases in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

Other benefits of choosing Select Shield antimicrobial coating for your store include:

  • Remarkable customer service– We offer 24-hour customer service and same-day or next-day emergency services.
  • Cost Savings – Reduced labor costs for cleaning and antimicrobial application are cut significantly. Our product does not need regular reapplication as it continues to kill dangerous pathogens for 10 to 15 days.
  • Long Term Protection– Our SELECT SHIELD antimicrobial coating protects against mould for several months.
  • Little Downtime– Little time is wasted as our professionals can perform application during non-business hours, in as little as four hours, and surfaces can be used almost immediately after application.
  • Electrostatic Sprayer–  SELECT SHIELD uses an electrostatic sprayer to effectively coat surfaces quickly and thoroughly. This provides a 360-degree coverage.
  • Safe– Our antimicrobial spray coating is safe on all surfaces including hard surfaces like plastic, soft surfaces, and even electronics.
  • Odour Removal– Our antimicrobial spray also removes odours associated with mould and numerous other ailments.

SELECT SHIELD has provided our services to numerous places of business, including retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, offices, homes and more.

An investment in SELECT SHIELD’s surface testing and antimicrobial coating would save your company time, money, and result in exceptional customer relations. During the coronavirus pandemic continuing to surge again, an outbreak of illness at your place of business is the last thing you want. If left untreated, a large store can lose around  $100,000  a day in lost revenue and wages. We understand the importance of keeping the economy, including your business running, during the current public health crisis. If we want to continue to operate your place of business successfully and safely, it is vital you invest in our services. Call today to learn more about how we can help you ensure the safety of your consumers, employees, and reputation.


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