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Located just southeast of Vancouver, Langley boasts a warm, temperate climate and is part of the greater Vancouver metropolitan area. The community is mainly suburban, but the center has seen an increase in urban growth and maintains a strong farming presence. Made up of the Township of Langley and the City of Langley, this region features several noteworthy communities, including historic Fort Langley. Once a fur trading post, the fort’s economy eventually shifted to focus on farming and exports such as cranberries and salmon. It also served as a supply station for miners headed toward the gold fields in British Columbia’s interior. Other notable communities in Langley include Aldergrove and Walnut Grove. Overall, Langley offers everything from rural charm to urban convenience.
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Cleaning Franchises in Langley, BC

If you’re looking for a way to start your own business, a janitorial franchise business in Langley, BC, is a great option. With a growing population and a diverse range of businesses, Langley is an ideal place to start a janitorial franchise. You’ll have the opportunity to own your own business and be your own boss while also providing a valuable service to the community. In addition, with a janitorial franchise business, you’ll have access to all the necessary equipment and supplies and training and support from experienced franchise owners. So if you’re looking for a way to start your own business, a janitorial franchise business in Langley, BC, maybe the perfect option.


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Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services in Langley, BC

Maintaining a clean and orderly office, retail, or commercial space is essential for businesses of all types. Not only does it create a professional appearance, but it also helps to promote a healthy and productive work environment. However, keeping a business clean can be challenging, especially if you need more time or resources to do it yourself. That’s where we come in. We offer comprehensive cleaning services designed to meet your business’s unique needs. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly service, we can tailor a plan that fits your budget and schedule. We also offer flexibility when it comes to timing, so you can rest assured that your business will always be clean and presentable. Contact us today for a free quote.

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History of Surrey

History of Langley

The history of Langley, BC, can be traced back to the first non-indigenous settlers who arrived in the 1800s, drawn to the area’s fertile farmland and lush forests. However, it was only with the arrival of railways in the early 1900s that Langley experienced significant growth. The intersection of what is now Glover Road and Fraser Highway quickly became a bustling downtown commercial hub known as Langley Prairie. But despite this growth, it was in 1949 that Langley officially incorporated as a city. Before this, Langley’s governing council was primarily made up of farmers reluctant to invest in urban amenities such as paved roads and street lights. After a successful plebiscite vote in Langley Prairie, the city officially formed and began investing in infrastructure developments. Today, Langley remains a mix of rural farmland and suburban development, with its historical roots still evident in its thriving agricultural community.

Residential and Business Growth

Residential and Business Growth in Langley, BC

Langley is a rapidly growing community in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The City of Langley has a population of 28,957 (2021), and the Township of Langley has a population of 137,399 (2021). Together, the total population is 166,356. The Township of Langley added 14,635 people over the five years from 2016 to 2021. The community is projected to double by 2040. Langley is a desirable place to live due to its proximity to Vancouver, diverse housing options, and many parks and trails. The community has many businesses and amenities, including restaurants, shops, and recreation facilities. With its rapid growth, Langley is an exciting place to live and work.

The city is home to a number of businesses and industries, including the automotive sector, tourism, paper manufacturing, plastics, and metal fabrication. The Langley Events Center is also located in the city and is a Select Shield Cleaning client. In addition to being a business hub, Langley is also known for its sports teams. The Vancouver Giants and the Vancouver Bandits both call the city home. Finally, Langley is considered the Horse Capital of BC thanks to its many equestrian facilities and events. So whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, there’s something for everyone in Langley.